eleven. each print in the mud fills with honey

online premiere of the video documentation by franzi kreis on 28 march 2021

imagetanz / brut wien

We draw the Tarot card with the number XI, “Strength”. The performance is a response to what this card says. Meanings surface, revealing as many layers as the Tarot card itself. Words and associations pop up. Voices and stories open a synaesthetic sphere in which mouths dance, lines digest and sounds watch. Sense is replaced by sensuality. Differences and ambivalences are placed side by side as equals. eleven. each print in the mud fills with honey is the next chapter of AH I SEE, a series of performative experiments on the interplay of drawing and dancing, speculative (bodily) landscapes and mechanisms of translation.

teaser / objet trouvé / the klein bottle

Konzept Agnes Schneidewind und Johanna Nielson Performance Agnes Schneidewind, Johanna Nielson und Marina Poleukhina Artistic Advice Sabina Holzer

Eine Koproduktion von Agnes Schneidewind & Johanna Nielson und imagetanz / brut Wien in Kooperation mit Im_flieger. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von schulteswien und HUGGY BEARS.