i see a hand with the eyes pouring out

speculative anatomy, negotiating diagnosis und x-ray practices

work in progress in august 2018 Im_flieger mit johanna nielson und mit dank an daphna horenczyk


an ongoing collaboration between Johanna Nielson and Agnes Schneidewind experimenting with the relationship between drawing and dancing and the experience of our anatomies. Through the act of drawing, the ephemeral dance of a 3D body is transformed into the 2D reality of a piece of paper. With scores we explore modes of reading these drawings. These reading sessions reinform the dance, project our fantasies, images and sensations onto the naked female body dancing. The repetition of the same but evolving sequence opens up a multiplicity of possible perceptions, a journey through imaginations and an absurd relationship between the abstract and the concrete.


work in progress showing at raw matters

21 mai 2018 / 19:30

arbeitsplatz wien / 21., siegfriedgasse 23/tor 1