oh artificiality

encounter with a living
wall on the other
side and left
to go underneath
passing through

where you find yourself
protected by the legs of a cage
homey limitation
of a nest where you will grow
out faster than thought
arriving from the guts

born from a piano
into the earthy artificiality
of the upside down
where nothing in place
and dry tears falling
from fingertips upon
the closed 

of a big eye in the size
of a head made of green
where i was once
laughing and
now gazing firmly

your presence, close
and this time, I
become a tree, and I
will be touched
and the shadow will
swallow the push from the wind

focus, focus
no matter what!
like a palm tree
growing leaves
growing leaves
growing leaves

the truth is
water coming
out of my
out of my
and offered by a bear
making a bowl with his hands

drinking, becoming,
the soft red seed
that turns it all
into a fleshy gaze
fired up towards