parallel lines

is a collection of performances from April to June 2020 in various locations in Vienna and the Austrian Waldviertel, in Gent, Leuven and Brussels in Belgium, and in a Portuguese village called Chaos.

Out of necessity to bear witness to each other’s existence and everyday lives, to witness the banal and the extraordinary, I began to accompany friends in their solitary activities. For each performance, I agreed with a companion upon a time and an activity ranging from lying, sitting and walking, to playing music and gardening.

As a drawing witness in the distance, I accompany their activity on a piece of paper. Parallel to the performance, a dance is taking place in front of me. Stories unfold through colours and textures, rhythms and sensations; inscribing attendance to the other – in real time – on an A3 rectangle. The drawing becomes evidence of a performance nobody has seen.

photos by luisa fillitz

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Thanks to

Sebastian Bechinger, Anne Glassner, Anita Kaya, Ursula Klein, Wilhelm van Langendonck, Arianna Marcolini, Johanna Nielson, Maria Nofuentes, Ruth Schneidewind, Mieke Weckesser

Layout: Luisa Fillitz

Support: MA7 Arbeitsstipendium