why my head was chopped off in a former life

resonating words resonate
words obsessed and numbed
creator of desires and fetishes

remembering a dancing line
growing through my anxious heart
growing out of my body

where houses and trees
start to move in relation
after sleeping in a wall

this wall became
a block of ice
melted by my breath

there is a call from north-west
desert sea-side
but me, with three batons

I don’t move-
because the wall leans against
teasing me freezing

and even upside down
above the water
hit in the face I know

I have to dive deep
to rescue a newborn and so i-
become a fishbird

the sea rains down
while I’m heading wildwest
while the compass keeps on spinning

pause- bonjour I hear a kiss
in the eyes of the majestic cat
and again- three batons

so I remain to eat the grass
growing roots of a weeping willow
falling and falling into the left

attached to a fantasy confused
by the shy and the banal
blowing burning mysteries (for ever)